Recently, the decentralized finance industry (Defi) has increasingly attracted the attention of many investors and users around the globe. With advantages such as decentralization, transparency, safety, and security, Defi is expected to be the global financial industry's future. Like the traditional financial sector structure, Defi includes exchanges, loan funds, banks, decentralized currencies, the most famous of Bitcoin or BTC.
Bitcoin - one of the pioneering cryptocurrencies peaking at more than $ 60,000, the crypto market, in particular, is becoming more attractive than ever. That's why Soup swap was born with the mission of providing easy solutions for users wishing to enter the potential crypto market.
Soup Swap is ambitious to build a diverse ecosystem with all the necessary features to serve Defi with the above mission. For the first time, Soup Swap will develop 3 main services: Swap, Liquidity, and Staking.
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